Assault and Related Offenses

Assault (and the related offenses of Menacing, Hazing, Luring Stalking & Reckless Endangerment) are crimes under New York Penal Law Article 120.  The level of the crime depends on factors including: who the alleged victim is, the extent of injuries alleged, whether a weapon or dangerous instrument is alleged to be used, and the alleged mental state of the accused.

Assault and its related charges are very, very serious.  Since there is an alleged victim, the accused is not only dealing with the allegations of a police officer but a member of the community and this brings special challenges to defending an Assault charge.

Many felony assault charges are classified as "violent felonies", and carry extra-heavy sentencing minimums.

For these reasons, if you are facing assault charges, whether you have already been arrested or are just being investigated, you need to speak to an attorney as soon as possible to cloak yourself in a defense.  

Kenneth Smith has successfully handled many, many of these cases and can help you as well.  As a former prosecutor, Kenneth Smith understands and can exploit the challenges and concerns facing the government and use it to benefit you in your case.

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