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Brooklyn, New York City Attorney Kenneth F. Smith biography and profile

Kenneth F. Smith

Mr. Smith began his legal career as a prosecutor at the Brooklyn District Attorney's office, prosecuting hundreds of misdemeanor and felony crimes for charges including assault and attempted murder, burglary, domestic violence, driving while intoxicated, grand larceny and petit larceny, robbery, vehicular crimes, and many others. In preparing those cases from arrest through grand jury through trial, and while learning the habits and tendencies of law enforcement, Kenneth Smith acquired a deep understanding of the criminal justice process, from arrest through trial.

After this apprenticeship as a prosecutor, Mr. Smith started this firm to defend people accused of crimes and to vindicate the rights of people who have been abused by the Government or private actors.  

Kenneth Smith has successfully defended individuals accused of all kinds of felony and misdemeanor crimes and violations throughout New York courts.  Mr. Smith has garnered a reputation as a formidable adversary of the Government and an articulate and compassionate counselor.

In addition, Kenneth Smith has achieved numerous favorable results in civil rights litigation in New York courts, resulting in sizable cash payouts to clients who were falsely arrested or brutalized by the police. 

Mr. Smith is licensed to practice law in the States of New York and New Jersey, and in the Eastern and Southern Districts of the United States District Court of New York.  Mr. Smith is willing to represent individuals in any court, in any jurisdiction, from inception through trial.

Education and Awards:

Mr. Smith holds a Juris Doctorate degree from Brooklyn Law School, where he received CALI awards in Trial Advocacy and Intellectual Property.

Professional Associations:

Mr. Smith is a member of: the American Bar Association, the Association of New York Criminal Defense Attorneys, the Brooklyn Bar Association, the Kings County Criminal Bar Association, the National Police Accountability Project and the New Jersey Bar Association.