Burglary & Trespass

Burglary (and the related offense of Trespass) is codified in Article 140 of the New York Penal Law.

Burglary is a very serious felony crime which, in some cases, can be classified as a "violent felony" which carries extra-heavy minimum sentence requirements.  The level of the charge depends on factors including the nature of the premises alleged to be entered, whether a weapon was alleged to have been used and other factors. 

The related crime of trespass is often (but not always) classified as a felony, again, depending on the specific allegations.

Since these are very serious crimes, if you have been arrested for burglary, or even if you believe you might just be under investigation, you need to retain strong, experienced and effective counsel as soon as possible.

Kenneth Smith has successfully handled many, many of these cases and can help you with yours as well. As a former prosecutor, Kenneth Smith understands and can exploit the challenges and concerns facing the government and use it to benefit you in your case.

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