Civil Rights - Section 1983 lawsuits

Excessive Force, False Arrest & Malicious Prosecution, Police Brutality, Racial Profiling, Prison Claims

As long as the attitudes of some police toward the citizens they are sworn to serve continues to be marked by aggressiveness, rapid escalation and devastating use of force, militarization, racial disparity in arrest and prosecution and sentencing, to say nothing of the other, sinister violations of human rights perpetrated by bad cops, I will be fighting to protect the Constitutional rights and human rights of all the members of the community.

My experience as a prosecutor gives me an insider's insight into law enforcement tactics, strategies and shortcuts, and gives me a real edge in bringing these cases against the police and the City.

I have gotten substantial money judgments for my clients whose rights have been violated.  Maybe I can help you, too.

Don't delay in reaching out, since these claims have strict time periods in which to file.

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